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30 must have Amazing products for your website

Build a cool website, Open up shop, love your web forms, and even get hosting with this incredible bundle of powerful WEB products


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Everything you need for your website in one BIG box !

Website development tools What do you get in this killer deal ? 30 fantastic products for all your website needs … at an un-believable rate !

1)WEB VIDEO PLAYER ( worth 39$ )

Convert all your videos to Flash and get them on your site ( or anywhere on the WEB ) with this incredible CoffeeCup Web Video Player . It converts any file format to Flash quickly and easily. Its as simple as just choosing your videos and pick a player skin, and you’re ready to upload your movies, clips, or favorite videos to your Website. Single or multiple movies : Adding them to your website has never been simpler. and much more JAW dropping superior features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this incredible product HERE ! Web video player

2)PHOTO GALLERY 6.0 ( worth 39$ )

Create amazing online galleries with this hassle-free Photo gallery . Its as simple as just picking an album theme and include your photos, then upload your jazzy new Flash-powered gallery. Gives you the power to have your album on your own web space ( instead of dealing with complicated URLs ). You are in full control of your content and the end result isn’t just pictures on a webpage — it’s your very own customized experience. and much more very powerful features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this incredible product HERE ! Web photo gallery

3)LIVE CHAT 6.2 ( worth 34$ )

With this amazing product you can conveniently chat with users on your website ! This incredible Live chat gives a great way for your site visitors to chat with you in real time and get the required support . and get access to much more very powerful features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this excellent product HERE ! Live chat for website

4)FLASH MENU BUILDER 3.5 ( worth 34$ )

Easy navigation has always been the most essential part in any website . This awesome Flash menu builder will for sure make your website look sophisticated and professional, and get your users to thank you ! Its architected in the easiest way to create interactive menus for your website users . Just choose your button design, adjust colors and fonts, and add sound and effects — the whole process is intuitive and easy to learn – WOW ! Check out much more very powerful features .Get the complete end-to-end information about this excellent product HERE ! Flash menu builder

5)WEBSITE FONT 4.1 ( worth 34$ )

In today’s web – fonts make a big difference on how your users see your site . This dynamic program lets you choose cool fonts and modify them to fit your website, then uses Flash to make sure they always display in any of your visitors’ browsers. This is just the tip of an ice berg – check out more powerful features in this cool product HERE ! Website fonts

6)SITE MAPPER 5.5 ( worth 29$ )

Its a no brainer that Sitemaps are the road to success to get ample SEO traffic . Yep, sitemaps form a near-perfect intersection of SEO and usability. However, they’re pretty tedious to put together… unless you’re using this powerful CoffeeCup Sitemapper to automatically generate them. Try it out and get better search results in just a few clicks . Its also loaded with tons of sophisticated features . Check them all out HERE ! Site map generator

7)SHOPPING CART CREATOR PRO 3.9 ( worth 129$ )

What can I say ? We all know how important a shopping cart is for any eCommerce site . Creating a truly great online store is an art . Right off the bat, it has to look good and work flawlessly . Should be powerful beneath with having the ease of use . This amazing Shopping cart creator Pro is power packed with all the essential and innovative features you’ll ever need to get your products online . Its integrated with five trustworthy payment providers and built with elegance . All-in-all its the ultimate online store creator tool available on the web . Please do check out all the sleek and amazing features available in this elegant tool HERE ! Shopping cart creator pro

8)SHOPPING CART DESIGNER PRO 3.9 ( worth 89$ )

As always said – creating an online store is a true art by its own . There are many stores out there , so how are you gonna make yours look unique ? How are you gonna add your own unique style ? This totally incredible product gives you the design muscle to become super awesome ! Whether your updating your existing theme or creating a store from scratch , this Shopping cart designer can get the magic happen for you . Go , take control of your store design . Check out more cool features available in this product HERE ! Shopping cart designer

9)HTML5 Slider ( worth 28$ )

One stunning HTML5 Slider Control that makes your website dazzle . This awesome CSS3 Slider is the Best Jquery Image Slider your website can get with all the elegance packaged in one bundle. Tremendous creative effort has been put by designers to bring out the breath taking 3d effects and the seamless html5 transitions in the slideshow. This website slider can be fitted on any website and customized very easily . Check out more features inside this sleek html5 slider HERE ! HTML5 slider slideshow

10) ANIMATION STUDIO ( worth 29$ )

Getting people to notice your WebPages is the first step toward success on the Web. Let your animated images tell your story to the visitors . With this incredible Animation studio all you need to do is just load up your frames, fine-tune the speed, and put ’em on the web. Now your page is truly moving. Check out more intuitive features in this slick Animation studio HERE ! Animation tool

11) AD PRODUCER 3.1 ( worth 39$ )

Video banner Ads has always seen high conversions and to build a brand for your products online . Video banner advertising has always been a better, cleverer way to reach your users . Several studies show that online video ads achieve greater branding impact with fewer impressions than other standard online ads. With CoffeeCup Ad Producer, everybody will be able to take advantage of this trend. Simply choose the size of your banner and select your video. Ad Producer will then take care of the rest – its that simple ! Check out more powerful features in this fantastic tool HERE ! Ad creator producer

12) WEB AUDIO PLAYER 4.6 ( worth 34$ )

Music is the rhythm of web and almost every website requires an Audio player in some page . This sleek Web jukebox comes with more than 20 cool players that will match any website design – cool isn’t it ? Adding an audio player to your website couldn’t be any easier – just paste the code created by this product into your existing webpage, and presto ! everything starts talking . This powerful Web JukeBox offers you flexibility and creativity in creating your JukeBox on the web the way you want. You can add an unlimited number of songs and organize them how you wish — by the artist’s name or album title, it’s totally up to you! Everything from a simple stereo and buttons to an iPod design can be placed on your website. Do check out more features present in this awesome Audio player HERE ! Web audio player

13) THE HTML EDITOR 12.7 ( worth 69$ )

From managing website projects to Syncing from your workspace this powerful HTML5 editor helps you create Totally stellar, kick-butt websites that leave people saying, “Wow, you really made that?” . HTML veterans across the globe has been creating standards-compliant sites using powerful tools like code completion and built-in validation , all built into this HTML editor . It helps you to get started in seconds and finish eye popping templates in a couple of minutes . This HTML editor is one of the most celebrated editor in the web . Check out all the powerful features packed into this tool HERE ! HTML Editor

14) VISUAL SITE DESIGNER 7.0 ( worth 49$ )

Visual Site Designer, quite possibly the easiest-to-use web design app in the known universe. It’s entirely WYSIWYG, which means you don’t have to touch HTML to create an eye-popping website (unless you really want to). With this fantastic tool in hand you can directly start with a theme and publish your site in one click and get your visitors sprinkle your site with “WOW” – all with NILL knowledge of HTML ! Yup , its MAGIC . Check out more magic packed inside this tool HERE ! Visual website designer

15) STYLE SHEET MAKER 5.0 ( worth 34$ )

Style sheets brings out elegant designs on your web pages – but its cumbersome to handle it . Now with this incredible Style sheet maker you can create advanced websites using cascading style sheets. It gives you full control of text placement, fonts, backgrounds, and more . Do overlap text, create links that aren’t underlined, place image backgrounds in tables, and even create your own tags with the functions you assign them – well sky is the limit with this tool in hand . Do check out more features inside this amazing tool HERE ! Style sheet maker

16) WEB VIDEO RECORDER 3.0 ( worth 39$ )

Getting video onto Youtube or Facebook gets your message to the masses . With this slick Video Recorder, anyone can get videos on these popular sites with no experience . This product powers you to use any Webcam or video capture device to record video directly into the tool , and from there You can add text overlays to brand your video, or add images to the beginning and end of the movie to give it movie production feel. This easy to use tool walks you through the entire setup process step by step with easy-to-read instructions And yes, there are many more features inside . Check out all the features end-to-end HERE ! Web video recorder

17) SHOPPING CART CREATOR 3.9 ( worth 49$ )

Packed with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG workspace, there’s no need to know any code, so you can concentrate on managing your products and your business using this cool Shopping cart creator . Yes, Seriously you can Create your own online store in 30 minutes or less using this powerful product ! This incredible Shopping cart creator is packed with Our unique, “straight to payment processor architecture” helps reduce shopping cart abandonment — and that means you’ll sell more! Do check out more features in this useful tool HERE ! Shopping cart creator

18) WEB IMAGE STUDIO 1.1 ( worth 39$ )

Web Image Studio lets you customize web graphics or build your own from scratch. With dazzling effects, simple-yet-strong creation tools, and a brilliant image editor, this app’s got the brawn to match your brain. Now you can create super cool graphics in ease without the aches and pains . With this powerful Web image studio you are an artist !  Its loaded with tons of superior features – check them all out HERE ! Web image studio

19) WEB FORM BUILDER 2.1 ( worth 69$ )

Web forms are one of the most essential parts of any website and you will need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, OMG, and databases galore . Don’t worry this super cool Web form builder lets you piece together the perfect web form in minutes . You’ll get to enjoy the same powerful results without needing to know any of the complicated stuff that makes them work. From choosing the required elements in your form to customizing fields and design – everything is a breeze using this amazing tool . Its also integrated with all the payment provides you’ll ever need . Please do check out the other powerful features this cool product comes loaded with HERE ! Web form builder

20) WEBSITE COLOR SCHEMER 4.1 ( worth 29$ )

A perfect companion for web designers .Website Color Schemer is an intuitive utility for picking colors and creating schemes for your website . It gives you the power via. many different tools for choosing and comparing colors and allows you to preview them in a webpage mock-up, all before implementing them in a real webpage . Website Color Schemer is perfect for anyone designing websites; from novice web designers up to full-fledged professional webmasters. You will be for sure thrilled to check out the other innovative features built inside HERE ! Website color schemer

21) IMAGE MAPPER 4.2 ( worth 29$ )

CoffeeCup Image Mapper has mouse over HTML capability, includes a fully functional image map wizard, and enables users to attach parts of an image to different links. Image Mapper can map any no interlaced GIF,   standard JPG, and progressive JPG, PNG, and the first frame of an animated GIF. Users can choose from three different shape methods for mapping those hard-to-reach spots. Image Mapper supports mouse over pop-up tags, frame targeting, image previewing, and link and mouse over memory. Check out more innovative features available in this slick Image mapper HERE ! Image Mapper

22) WEBSITE ACCESS MANAGER 4.0 ( worth 34$ )

When it comes to password-protecting the members-only areas of your website, .htaccess files are the way to go. But, they’re also really complicated. Website Access Manager gives you all the power of .htaccess files with none of the confusion. Its workspace is easy to use, setting up members-only areas is fast, and you can protect as many pages as you want. This excellent Website manager also has the tools to redirect users to different areas of your website — including custom error pages — and block spammers and bad bots. Check out more information and the abundant features inside this incredible product HERE ! Website access manager

23) PASSWORD WIZARD 6.0 ( worth 19$ )

Using this secure tool ,Password-protect your site quickly and easily with Flash ! Now you can create password-protected pages and manage usernames and passwords with this powerful Password Wizard. You don’t even have to know Flash or HTML. Customize the look and feel to match your page. You can even point different users to different URLs. Preview within the program or your favorite browser. All this and more makes this fantastic Password Wizard the easiest way to password-protect your pages. Check out more features available in this amazing tool HERE ! Website password wizard

24) LOCKBOX 3.1 ( worth 19$ )

Lockbox helps you Store all your usernames and passwords . If you’re like everyone else, you probably have countless accounts out there with unique usernames, passwords, and registration codes to remember. You also probably still have the registration e-mail floating around somewhere on your computer, but trying to find it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! With CoffeeCup LockBox, this no longer has to be a problem. Check out MORE REASONS TO LOVE LOCKBOX HERE ! Password manager

25) PIX CONVERTER 4.0 ( worth 29$ )

Optimize your digital photos for Flickr, your website, e-mail, posting on auction sites, and lots more. This incredible Pix Converter is the easy way to batch convert your digital photos for all your online needs. Add photos one by one or convert an entire folder! You can watermark your photos with text and graphics. There is even a snazzy thumbnail maker built in for creating Web photo albums in a snap! The best part is that with the built-in FTP upload, you can easily put your photos and thumbnail pages on your website with just one click! Check out all the cool things you will be able to do with this amazing product HERE ! Picture converter

26) WEB CALENDAR 5.1 ( worth 39$ )

With Web Calendar, creating a comprehensive calendar of events for your website is a pleasure. It’s as easy as jotting a note in your personal planner, and as helpful for your visitors as hand-delivering a copy of your schedule. But it can do much more than just create a calendar for your website! You can also organize your events, keep track of your own personal schedule, and import information from your friends’ calendars. Throw in some cool themes and an easy-to-understand interface, and you’ve got yourself the best option for managing your schedule and sharing it on the web. With this amazing Web calendar sharing your events with the world has never been easier. Check out some more reasons for you love this cute WEB CALENDER HERE ! Web calendar

27) POWER POST 1.1 ( worth 19$ )

You’ve never met a publishing tool as easy to use as Power Post. Just create a new entry and start typing! When you’ve crafted the perfect post, you can either save it as a draft or publish it to your CoffeeCup Stream with a single click. Power Post bridges the gap between the reliability of a desktop application and the instant gratification that comes with web publishing. Now that you’ve got the best of both worlds, your online presence will be easier to manage. Check out more amazing features in this super cool product HERE ! Server uploader post

28) DIRECT FTP 6.9 ( worth 39$ )

You should for sure check out this incredible FTP tool – its more than any normal FTP tool you have ever used . Sure, it transfers files at don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it speeds, but it’s also a complete web design toolbox. Use it to make last-minute edits, preview and organize your files, and back everything up, just in case. It’s the only FTP app with a built-in web editor that lets you work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. With such stellar features, no wonder it leads the pack. and much more JAW dropping superior features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this incredible product HERE ! Direct FTP manager

29) FIRESTARTER 7.3 ( worth 39$ )

WOW , playing with Flash has never been so interesting and easy ! This ultra cool tool for sure is the easiest way to make killer Flash effects for your website. From creating  an intro page, banner, or maybe an animation and to have fun with the creative process – Firestarter is the tool you want . Be it  a slideshow, animation, or even an interactive menu, Flash is the secret to extra-cool content on your website — and Firestarter is just the tool you need to make it happen. Its loaded with much more powerful features .Please check the complete end-to-end information about this incredible product HERE ! Flash for website HTML5

30) MP3 RIP & BURN 4.0 ( worth 24$ )

Easily rip MP3s and burn CDs using this slick tool CoffeeCup MP3 Rip & Burn is the perfect software for ripping, converting or burning your favorite music. It allows you to save your CDs to all kinds of music formats like MP3, OGG, APE, WAV, and VQF, and then play them back on almost any device. For more reasons to love this incredible tool , check HERE ! mp3 ripper burner


The Top 3 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this incredible bundle as a deal are : – Coffeecup : We are fans of these guys . We have been using their products for many years . Being a happy customer , we would like to spread the joy to our users . – A lot customers have been asking to bring in a high quality suite of Web development tools . So we coupled up 30 amazing WEB products to create a killer bundle – We all web development tools and these products will tremendously increase the productivity of developers which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


Nice ! Who are the people providing these amazing components ? Coffeecup is a legendary software products company . They have been in this field since 1994 ( So much experienced people – its hard to find now-a-days ) . They have won lots of Awards including being #400 in the Interactive 500, a ranking of the best Internet and E-Commerce companies . The Web form editor , Web form builder & the Web Image Studio for OS X is provided by these geeks . You can get a more crisp picture about this amazing company HERE How will be the support ? Guaranteed – you can never get a better support than this . The people behind these awesome products have been supporting 54,907,053 users worldwide, and software has been sold in over 87 countries – now that is something cool ! Can I get a full list of the features included in this bundle ? Yes . Click on the “In depth” Tab on top . Below each product description will be a link “HERE” which leads to the product detail page .

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