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Whatsapp Clone Script to Start a niche Live Chat mobile app

This WhatsApp clone script is packed with TONs of powerful features and with this, you can start a business instantly. You get the ANDROID version.


Integration Time

60 minutes

Saves You

720 hours of development


Start a mobile live chat app with this wonderful

WhatsApp clone script ( Android )

( Tested for HIGH PERFORMANCE & can withstand heavy traffic.)


Vendor: BitExchange

What do you get in this incredible deal?

– An amazing Whatsapp clone script [ Native Android ]  

Questions? Shoot a mail to [email protected]


Whatsapp Clone script

What is a WhatsApp Clone Script?

WhatsApp by Facebook is an app that allows people to communicate easily through text, video calls, and voice calls. It is a cross-platform instant messaging app that is available on iOS and Android. 

By using a Whatsapp clone script, you can set up an instant messaging service similar to WhatsApp for your customers. The instant messaging script is full-featured and efficient, it will save the development time for building the product of that scale from scratch. 


                                                         whatsapp clone themeforest

                                                           Whatsapp Clone Script


Top 3 reasons to have this incredible Whatsapp clone script as a deal here are :

– The Whatsapp Clone Script is of high quality & cost-effective product that any entrepreneur can use to set up an instant messaging platform-based business. We found this the best and economical Whatsapp clone script in the market.

– The product is supported by qualified developers who understand the customers’ trouble and help resolve them in a short span of time.

– The App is built from scratch for high performance. It has been rigorously stress tested for peak performance by simulating thousands of concurrent users through various testing tools.


What are the features covered in this Whatsapp clone script?

This awesome Whatsapp clone script has some of the important features of Whatsapp. The interesting features that the app has are:

Powerful Chat features

This incredible Whatsapp clone has a sophisticated ‘Chat’ system that is tested for peak performance and works seamlessly. It’s cross-platform and works smoothly on any platform.

Audio messages

On this Whatsapp clone script, users have the ability to send audio messages as well. Users can record audio ( the max size can be set by the admin in the admin panel ) and send it through chat to the other person.   :)

Video messages

Video messages can be easily sent on this script.  ly can users send out text and audio messages – But they have the option to send out video clips as well in the chat ( the Maximum size of the video clips can be set by the admin ). Users can instantly record a video or browse from the mobile library and send it. 

Organized Group Chat 

This powerful script has spectacular features to start or get involved in a Group chat like never before!  You can effortlessly initiate a group chat and invite friends to the session. Members of the group can also send out images, emoticons, videos, etc. Users can also remove themselves from the group. 

Message broadcast

Users also get an option to send out a broadcast message to everyone on their list ( or a chosen group of contacts ) in one shot. This can be used to send out a mass announcement to a lot more people.

Easy location features

This fantastic Whatsapp clone script makes use of the mobile’s location features intensively. Users share their location and they can see the current location of their friends too when they share it as well.

Fetch & Discover contacts

This is one of the amazing features of this sleek Whatsapp clone. Upon installation, the app automatically syncs all the phone numbers from the device’s address book with its central database, compares it and then displays it under your contacts section on the app. This helps users to identify their friends already using the app and contact them. 

Badges Marketplace

One of the best monetization channels in this powerful Whatsapp clone is the Badges marketplace. As an owner of the app, you can create and upload creative Badges, Smilies, icons, Stickers, etc. in this marketplace and your users can download them for FREE or purchase them. People can purchase them or unlock them for doing certain tasks set by the admin.


This incredible Whatsapp clone script has sharing features built into it. Users can easily share videos, audios to the app that are supported by taping on the ‘Share’ option.


Users to seamlessly invite their friends via. email or SMS on this Whatsapp Clone.


Users can set a wallpaper of your choice for the app and change it when required.

User profile

Users get to maintain a complete profile of themselves with a profile picture to display on chat. They also get a dashboard to set their privacy settings etc. Users can also see their Chat history etc. They can block/unblock users etc.

File send

This powerful Whatsapp clone script also has the option to send files via. chat ( the file types and the max. size can be set by the Admin in the admin panel ). 


One other way to monetize this incredible Whatsapp clone is via. Ads. The admin can set banner Ads or script Ads from mobile ad providers in the app.

Admin panel

The admin gets an extensive Admin panel to moderate and control the app end-to-end. The admin can also set custom sounds for different notifications in the app.

Upcoming features:

  • Undo option
  • Google Drive integration
  • Sticker Marketplace 2.0 (Earn money by including brand stickers in your store)

Do I get the source code for this Whatsapp clone script?

Yes,  you get 100% source code for this script – so you can easily add/edit any new feature, design, etc.

Will you do customization for us?

Yes, we do customization for interested customers. We charge the best in the industry and deliver it in high quality.

How is the support for this incredible Whatsapp clone script?

The app is done by experts who are pros in mobile app development. They love customer support a lot!

You get lifetime FREE upgrades.

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