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The ultimate White label branding for wordpress

Completely White-label your WordPress installation’s admin area, admin bar, dashboard and other areas.  Increase sales, customer recognition, and provide a better user experience.


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Ultimate white label branding for wordpress !

How many times was there a need to customize the WordPress admin panel under the hood. Looking for every single line of code to make the WordPress admin panel to look like yours or your client’s? to make it user friendly of course. Pain staking isn’t it? Are you sure everything is changed inside ? Not quite. The part of the website your clients use the most – the WordPress Dashboard – could also quickly be enhanced to increase your customer’s satisfaction and experience. What are we talking about here? We are talking about white label branding for wordpress , right from places where your clients can see to the places where search engines can see.  You probably spend a great deal of time making sure your websites are user friendly. With this Ultimate white label branding for wordpress Plugin, you can quickly create a WordPress Dashboard that’s simple, easy to use, and encourages your clients to contact you with future projects. What do you get in this deal? – An Ultimate white label branding for wordpress plugin that’d push all your branding and customizing woes away and helps make the dashboard display your brand, faster, easier for clients to use and awesome. _____________________________________________________________________ Any Questions send us a mail at : [email protected]       _____________________________________________________________________ What this Plugin can do for you? – Add your logo to the “Custom Admin Bar” of your client’s sites. You’ll be the first person they call when they need updates, upgrades, or enhancements. -Link your logo to your website to ensure your clients find you with just one click. -Remove any mention of WordPress to put the focus back on your web design and web development skills. – Replace the WordPress logo with your own so you get the credit you deserve. Plus, this quick step will increase client loyalty and brand your business. – Change the login image from WordPress to your own logo so clients will remember who designed their site every time they log in. (This increases referrals and repeat work.)  – Add Custom Favicons to spread your brand far and wide. Depending on your visitor’s browser they’ll see your logo in tabs, the URL field, and bookmarks. – Easily add footer content to all sites in your network with “Global Footer Content.” Add your copyright, a link to your Terms of Service, an affiliate link, or anything you like. – “Network Wide Text Change” is basically “search and replace” for the backend of your WordPress site. Automatically change the word “WordPress” to the name of your business – everywhere. – Customize the Login CSS to further integrate your brand. Change the colors, fonts, and more to match your logo, site, or anything you wish. – Hide the dashboard Welcome message so clients won’t be distracted by the “First Steps with WordPress” tutorials. – Increase site speed by using just this one branding plugin. No more custom hacks or dozens of different plugins. – Link to your own tutorials and documentation in the “Custom Admin Bar” to reduce time spent on client training and questions. – Customize the information in the “Admin Help Content” area and give your client directions specific to their site. – Increase customer satisfaction by linking to information they’ll need often or increase sales with contact details for additional services. – Hide distracting, unneeded Dashboard widgets and make the WordPress Dashboard easier to navigate and understand. – Remove the permalinks menu to keep adventurous clients from changing your permalink settings. – Eliminate the annoying WordPress “Howdy” and replace it with anything you choose. – Remove Site generator references of WordPress. All put together this single plugin can do more for you. Now you know why it’s called Ultimate white label branding for wordpress .  


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this Ultimate white label wordpress plugin as a deal are : – The plugin is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also value customer relationship a lot – The product is extremely easy to use and can enhance user’s experience which is more important. – Many users have been asking for an amazing white label wordpress so they can re-brand and customize their site to granular level. – This is a Plugin which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


Can i use this white label branding for wordpress plugin on a multi-site/ Network install? Absolutely. This plugin is Network Activated. Is this white label branding for wordpress plugin easy to configure and use for me as a developer or some one with less coding knowledge? – Working on it is like a cake walk. Don’t need to touch the code unless you want to customize the css which requires a little CSS/ HTML experience other than that, the plugin works right out of the box. Its very easy to configure remove wordpress branding . How is the support for this white label branding for wordpress plugin ? The support for this wordpress white label plugin is top notch and by experts . You will be given exclusive access to user friendly documentation for the product . How is the updates handled for this premium white label wordpress plugin? The latest version will be updated to customers for lifetime . How stable is the version ? The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . It is a very stable version .

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