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Create your company’s own wiki knowledge-base on WordPress

Quickly adapt your company’s Wiki knowledge base on your WordPress blog with this plugin.


Integration Time


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Ever wanted to have a knowledge base for your products where you can put up information and update it regularly for your customers to see?

Making local user manuals take time and money, setting up a Help Wiki specifically can help save you $$$$ in manual reprinting charges, especially when there’s a frequent change that needs to be done on the software, having an outdated manual won’t help. 

An online Wiki can help you maintain an updated version of the documentation online regularly.

So how do you keep up with all this?

Wiki is your answer.  But it would take a separate wiki-like tikiwiki, MediaWiki, etc, you ask. this was the case sometime back, and times change. That’s why we have WordPress Wiki plugin that converts any WordPress post, page or site into a fully functional wiki and can be styled to fit into your existing site design.

What is a WordPress Wiki plugin?

The WordPress Wiki plugin converts any WordPress post, page or site into a fully functional wiki. This elegant, powerful WordPress plugin allows you to simply create as many wikis as you want on a single, Multisite or BuddyPress WordPress installation. It eliminates the need to manage a separate wiki and saves you a lot of time.

Where can I use a Wiki? Product / Operating Manuals

It becomes hectic managing and Version-ing manuals for different products in case there was a glitch in your previous product documentation. And this becomes too expensive to print out paper manuals every time. A wiki solves this issue keeps track of changes and can be updated quickly. Since this is a single source of information saves your customers time.

Dashboard for events– A wiki can help highlight events, deadlines and other important information and helps you be informed at all times, avoiding messy emails.

FAQ – For those seeking answer to unresolved questions.

Making Plans– Planing on a group trip, college excursion, trekking with buddies wikis can be a great tool for that.

Wikipedia like site – You can also use this amazing plugin as a Wikipedia clone script to create your own Wikipedia like site.

What do you get with the Wiki plugin?

Every wiki is packed with all the features you require, including

  • Complete front end editing, (you won’t have the need to log into the admin panel for editing)
  • Ability to be edited by anyone or only registered users [as set by you]
  • Full revision history
  • Comprehensive notification systems
  • Breadcrumb & widget navigation
  • Integrated page discussion tools with gravatars
  • Great, simple, editing functionality
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Integrated front end upload functionality A blog and a Wiki can be a great combination. A Wiki on your blog? Now that’s something.


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this amazing WordPress plugin as a deal are :

  • The plugin is time tested and developed by a group of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, who also value customer relationships a lot
  • The product saves you a lot of time and helps you update your documents online in a timely fashion.
  • Many users have been asking for a Wiki plugin for WordPress.
  • This is a Plugin which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to people’s lives and helps elevate businesses.


How is the support for Wikipedia?

The support for this plugin is top notch and by experts. You will be given exclusive access to user-friendly documentation for the product. The installation document makes it easier for you and your developers to setup and run the platform easily.

How long do we get updates for the product?

The latest version will be updated to customers from time to time whenever a bug is fixed.

How stable is the version?

The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers. It is a very stable version.

Still, need a reason to use a wiki plugin?

Wiki plugin can actually save a lot of paper and printing costs and removes the odds of separately managing a standalone wiki.

Can I use this script as a Wikipedia clone script?

Yes, this plugin can be used as a Wikipedia clone script to create your own Wikipedia like website.

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