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Make your WordPress site into an iPhone app in minutes

Using this ready made powerful iPhone app take your WordPress site to the millions of iPhone users in a snap !


Integration Time


Saves You



You have a WordPress site or blog ?  Yes, Cool !

Is it also present as an iPhone app ? No , that ain’t Cool !

We all know the penetration of the iPhone and the huge impact it has created on the browsing habit of users . Nearly 40% of the browsing habit has shifted to mobile devices and iPhone dominates the smart phone market ! —————————————————————————————————————— Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— Wordpress to iphone app

70% of iPhone users prefer reading content inside their apps , rather than browsing it on the browsers . Its as easy as a click and read . Content is available inside the apps ready made and there is no need to wait for it to load ”  — Techcrunch .

  Its that important to have your site as an app inside the iPhone , so you dont miss out on all that huge traffic . So here is the most wanted deal of the hour ! This amazing app makes your WordPress blog into an iPhone app … in just a couple of minutes !  All you need to do is just copy / paste your WordPress RSS feed URL and your job is done ! So what do you get in this killer deal ? – An amazing iPhone app that will make your WordPress site into an iPhone app in less than 10 minutes ! – Social media elements ( Facebook , Twitter , Youtube ) integrated for your users to easily share things . – Has Google analytics integrated so you can track your mobile visitors . – Your Website’s style will be applied to the app , so the branding is seamless across all devices . – This sleek plugin automatically parses your post images and inserts thumbnails for a more elegant look and feel .


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this wordpress to iphone app,  as a deal are : – The component is time tested and developed by a group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also  value customer relationship a lot . – A lot of customers have been asking to bring in a kick ass WordPress iphone component so they make their WordPress to iphone app . – We ran through a variety of WordPress to iphone app components in the market and this seemed the best . – This WordPress to iphone app component is the need of the hour which Gentle ninja is sure will add a lot of value to peoples life [ We see somewhere Steve Jobs is smiling  ]


How is the support ? The support for this amazing WordPress to iphone app is top notch and by experts . These guys really love what they do and would love to interact with customers and hand held them in any support or help on this module . How is the updates handled ? The latest version of this incredible WordPress to iphone app , will be updated to customers for lifetime . How stable is the version ? The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . This version of the WordPress to iphone app is a highly stable version . Why is an iPhone app for my WordPress site so important ? The times are changing . There is a big drift in the browsing habits of users and nearly 40% of users are browsing content on their mobile on the go . The mobile market is dominated by the iPhone . IPhone users are used to the habit of quickly browsing required content as apps than over the browser . So making your WordPress to iphone app is a 100% necessity , so your site doesn’t miss out on the huge traffic browsing via. apps .

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