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Amazing WordPress plugin to create a video site in a snap !

This Super simple WordPress plugin builds High quality , traffic getting video Autoblogs in less than 2 minutes !


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Videos have always been the darling of the internet .Why ? because people simply love watching videos . A survey says that nearly 80% of the Internets bandwidth is consumed by videos ! There is always a big search for videos and people spend a lot of time watching videos on the internet . Having a video site has been a dream of many . Why ? Very simple : – There is always a huge audience to watch videos on the web 24/7 – When there is so much viewership , it can be monetized easily ! But how easy is it to setup and run a video site ? Don’t FEAR – the Gentle Ninja is HERE ! —————————————————————————————————————— Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— Recently we’ve had a lot of requests to bring in an affordable product to get a video site up and running …. hhhmmm yes we set our mission to get a very convenient product in this vertical . We setup some criteria before we started the search : – The product should be a Plug and play product , so even a non tech user can set it up easily . – Should be an automated system , so videos drip in to your video site automatically without much manual work . – Should be of high quality and time tested to handle any bandwidth ( as videos always consume a lot of server resources ) We did hit upon a few that met our expectations . But one product that really caught our attention was this incredible Auto Tube Press ! What is so remarkable in this product ? – As the name says , its an automatic system that once setup , based on your chosen category it brings in videos from around the web ( YOUTUBE mainly ) on a daily basis . – This incredible product comes as a WordPress plugin . So all your worries of installing it are gone . You just need to install this plugin in your WordPress site and sit back and relax ! – Since the videos run from Youtube on your site , none of your server resources are used – at the same time your site videos are lightening fast ! – WordPress as such is extremely SEO friendly , and the Author of this plugin has made the video pages ( that get created dynamically ) super SEO friendly ( So your site will start getting in all the SEO traffic ) What more ? We convinced the maker of this plugin to give it FREE for our first 100 users ! ( Note : A special thanks to George Katsoudas for generously giving this amazing plugin for FREE to our users ) So what are you waiting for – jump and grab this fantastic plugin now and get your video site up and running in minutes ! What are the features you get in this product ? – Extremely SIMPLE and intuitive. Has A strong and stable admin panel. Mouse over help popup’s are available on every feature of this plugin. – You just need to enter a list of keywords to gather videos from. also has a exact search feature . – You can also enter a list of categories to post the videos under. AutoTubePress also has the power to create new categories on the fly from the keywords you entered. – Has powerful options for creating a negative keyword list so you don’t get irrelevant videos on your blog. – For example, if you have a blog about “Apple products”, you can exclude terms like “Fruits”, “Harvesting” etc, to make sure you don’t get videos about the apple fruit . – You also have the power to select whether you want the youtube video comments to be included in the posts or not (or let the plugin do it randomly for some posts and not for others) – You also have the option to bring in the video description from Youtube (or let the plugin do it randomly for some posts and not for others) – Incredible automated SEO options : This amazing plugin automatically set’s the video’s title as the blog post’s title. It also sets the youtube video tags as the new blog post’s tags. It also populates the keyword and description meta tags. – You also have the power to set the posting schedule. From 4, 7, 10, 15, 20 times every week. – This plugin will see that the visitor from your page doesn’t go away by not showing related videos when each video ends. – Ability to add HTML before the video, between the video and the description – or even after the description. That way you can add calls to action like “Click here to see the product we recommend.” – You CAN add your own content (or modify existing posts) whenever you want. The plugin won’t hold your blog “hostage.”


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this wordpress Youtube plugin as an offer are : – We have been following George Katsoudas on various Internet Marketing and webmaster forums . He is highly skilled and has a generous heart ( a true Gentle Ninja ) – A lot of customers have been asking to bring in a good Video plugin . – We spoke to a bunch of folks in the market and this seemed the best . – This wordpress Youtube plugin is a real necessity which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples career & life .


Where can I access the documentation for this wordpress Youtube plugin plugin ? All the required information and documentation for the plugin are present HERE How can I contact the author of this wordpress Youtube plugin plugin ? You can contact George Katsoudas by submitting a support ticket HERE .

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