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Create WordPress plugins like a PRO !

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Create The kind Of Plugin That People Pay Top Dollar For ! With WordPress quickly approaching nearly 61 million installations… The market is practically begging for high quality custom plugins. A rather attractive feature of the WordPress platform is the array of add-ons, i.e, plug-ins that they have available for both purchase and free download . An there is big market for WordPress plugins !

This incredible eBook reveals the specific and ready-to-use protocols YOU MUST follow in order to create professional grade, highly sought after WordPress plugins…

These secrets are absolutely FREE if you act now . Surfing this incredible guide , you can create a plug-in that make hundreds with just a single nights work . There are several different niches that you can create your plug-in for . Those to increase your social network activity , a plugin to super charge your page speed, themes to transfer posts from other websites and so on . The possibilities are absolutely endless ! This guide offers an absolute first hand to how to make and program your very own plug-in for WordPress users .

By making your plug-ins , using this guide as your base and following the specifics and protocols mentioned , you will be able to create fast-selling and popular plug-ins . Make sure your plug-in is a useful one , and not just another one of those plug-ins that just make your page cluttered and full of spam . By ensuring that your plug-in has maximum use to WordPress bloggers, they will keep visiting and trying out newer plug-ins that you make if they continue in that trend.

There are lot of points you need to make sure of before creating a WordPress plug-in , like what to focus on, what people in the WordPress blogsphere are really looking for right now, how much they are willing to spend etc., and this How-To guide shows you exactly how ! In a nutshell , here’s What You’ll Discover in this guide…

– The ONE thing your plugin must ALWAYS do If you want people to open their wallets

– Why the WordPress settings API will save you a boatload of money right out of the gate! – 14 Vital decisions you MUST always make before you even think of hiring a developer…

– Why you should NEVER leave all the decision making to your developer…

– How to deter the Internets sneakiest thieves from posting YOUR plugin on blackhat sites…

– The REAL difference between creating a professional plugin versus a run of the mill plugin flop…

– 15 critically proven tips to creating the highest most sellable plugin on the market…

– 8 Tips to being the perfect client any developer would love to partner with…  


An absolutely amazing guide for those interested in making a few bucks out of their computer skills with this amazing How-to on how to create and make plug-ins for WordPress users. Short and sweet , it teaches you everything right from basics right through to the hard stuff. An absolute must have for any beginner or Webmaster !


Who is the author behind this incredible guide ?

David V is the man . He is professional and experienced WordPress developer . You can reach him via. his site :

Why make WordPress plug-ins ?

WordPress  is platform that has millions users swarming around . There are endless possibilities to monetize your plugins and a big market to address to . Moreover WordPress plugins are easy to make with the API’s and amazing helpful documents they provide .

Do I need to have any prior experience with computer programming for this ?

It is always preferable , but this guide helps you start right from scratch on how to make excellent plug-ins , so prior experience is not required.  

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