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WordPress price comparison plugin to engage your site visitors

This FREE plugin opens a beautiful price comparison popup related to your page content . Setup your affiliate accounts from stores like AMAZON , EBAY etc. and redirect users to the respective product pages .


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You have a WordPress blog ?  How about a new channel to monetize it ? This sleek WordPress price comparison plugin just slips in to your blog and brings in a whole Price comparison module that pulls out related products from various stores . The product will be of the niche the blog page is on – so there are high conversion ratios . By having your affiliate setup in the admin panel – you can start counting the commission dollars ! Scroll and check out the DEMO video at the bottom

The first step for anyone when buying any high end product , be it that New Macbook Pro or that new stereo , is to COMPARE prices . The amazing new WordPress price comparison plugin allows you to generate more traffic to your website by giving them this incredible new feature of being able to choose from a list of websites that have offers on the product they wish to purchase ! By installing this WordPress price comparison plugin on your website, you will have a new settings page which will allow you to input the information of the product and a table where you mention the different websites having the item and the prices they are quoting for it . By clicking the link on the right that connects it to the store (like Amazon , Best Buy etc.) , it will re-route your customer away from your pop up and to the website where they will be able to complete their purchase. Now , with this new amazing WordPress price comparison plugin  , you can give your customer the ultimate luxury of being able to compare prices of the product they are interested in purchasing with just a click of a button ! Another convenient pro to this WordPress popup plug-in is that your website can function as a comparison website as well. And at no extra programming at all ! Just a simple installation process , a few settings to input and you’re good to go !


As webmasters we are always on the lookout to monetize our sites in yet another new way – and this WordPress price comparison plugin is a boon . Simple to install , and easy to set up , this premium popup plug-in is as amazing new way for anyone who has a WordPress website to monetize it instantly !


Will the installation process be difficult for this WordPress popup plug-in ?

Nope , Just a simple few minutes to install and time to adjust the settings and information is all it takes !

How will this WordPress popup plug-in boost traffic for my website ?

By installing this WordPress popup plug-in , your website will have an exclusive feature of having a table that compares prices of all the websites that offer the product your customer is searching for ! SO the page adds lot of value to your visitors by bringing in relevant content .

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