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A WordPress plugin that enhances page SEO value and boosts virality !

Its a WordPress SEO plugin + a WordPress Social plugin


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An important part of having a website or a blog is making sure that it reaches a lot of people and generates traffic on the web . This amazing new WordPress SEO plugin helps in enhancing your websites’ traffic by in two ways : – Analyses each of your pages / posts and gives a detailed advice on the alterations required to get more search traffic . – Gives a beautiful notification bar on the top to get your site visitors share the page on social media websites (like Facebook , Twitter etc.) Here is how it works ( Do check out the Demo video at the bottom ):

By first downloading this WordPress SEO plugin and installing and activating the WordPress traffic plugin , a new tab appears on the left side on your Dashboard under the name “Traffic Enhancer” . By activating this WordPress plug-in , it gives you a table of must haves in the “Edit post” section , like Keyword Density , Keywords in Tags etc. , and shows a Green button if your post fulfills the requirements of a post that will generate a lot of traffic , and a Red button if it doesn’t . By installing and activating this WordPress SEO plugin , you can figure out and configure your settings for the plug-in , including things like Keyword density , Sitemap issues , text and colors. How this plug-in appears after installation is like so – Once you get to the bottom of the page you are on , usually the “Leave a Comment” part or towards the end of the last paragraph , depending on the Website owner , it pops up from the top and displays the Social media buttons , helping you generate traffic with ease by making the page more and more popular !


The top 3 reasons we have this WordPress SEO plugin as a deal are :

– It acts as a SEO analyzer and helps you correct all the mistakes in a page for good off page optimization . Once your page has all the SEO elements in place – you are sure to get in some good search traffic . – This WordPress SEO plugin also acts as a WordPress social plugin that brings out a beautiful social notification bar on top of posts to prompt the visitor to share the post . – Traffic is one very important element to every website . This plugin helps in bringing in a lot of traffic . So we thought it will be of high value to Gentle Ninja users 🙂


Will I have to install any additional plug-ins for this ?

If the Red signal shows up for some of the requirements that involves installing a plug-in then it would be preferable to install it , considering the fact that it will boost traffic . But besides that , No .

How different is this wordpress SEO plugin from the All-in-one SEO pack ?

The All-in-one SEO pack is all about adding SEO elements to your page . But this Traffic enhancer WordPress SEO plugin analyses each of your pages and posts and gives a detailed report on what is best for the page and what is missing etc.

Where can I see the report for each page via. this WordPress traffic plugin ?

When you open up each post in the Admin panel , there will be a detailed report on the page below the description box. Each action items will be against a RED and GREEN signal . A RED signal indicates corrections to be done . Once the item is corrected the red signal will change to the GREEN one .

Where will the Social media notification bar appear ?

This WordPress SEO plugin also works as a WordPress social plugin . It opens iup a notification bar on the top of the page as the user scrolls down to the end of the page , prompting him to share the post .  The social notification bar can be controlled from the Admin panel and the look and feel can be changed to match your site .  

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