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From the business plan to Balance sheet , Marketing plan , market research – let the experts do it for you !

How about hiring the experts for writing a business plan for you ? Above that we have coupled a suite of professional business services at a very special rate to take your business to the next level .


Integration Time

Saves You


Being into business you will need to play many roles and we know how daunting it is !

We all know that Business plans , Marketing plans , Balance sheets , Executive summary , elevator pitches etc are  very essential for every business and startups and these items should be ready in our hands at any moment .

But … Getting these items ready is gonna cost us a lot of money and time !

Let’s help you get your head out of all these while you concentrate full time in your core business activity.

Lined up are 7 experts with 10+ years experience in Finance, Fund raising and Business plan creating areas. They have graciously accepted to lend their expertise for creating you all the essential documents and strategies for your business.
Writing a business plan


What do you get in this killer deal ?

End-to-end Balance sheet for your company ( worth 199 $ )

Balance sheets are very much essential for the success of your company. Balance sheets give you a detailed shapshot of your companies financial health. You will be getting a detailed balance sheet excel template for creating 36 months of your income statement, cash flow and projections in minutes. Also contains sample plans that help you take the guess-work out of creating your business plan. Rather than entering complex formulas or doing tons of math equations, you simply enter some basic information and the template does all the math for you. You will also receive 2 samples of professionally written business plans, a Business plan writing guide, and start up business checklist.

– The template is extremely connected detailed with a user friendly manual

– Has separate sections for entering Monthly / Annual Income – revenue scores against COGs

– Provisions for entering Operating expenses against the start-up month to Fixed Monthly expenses to Percentage of income

– The template also calculates the Inventory, Fixed assets, Current assets, Existing fixed assets etc. , all connected to separate detailed sheets

– Also incorporated are Macros for calculating Liabilities and Owners equity, financing, loans, debt etc.

– Every aspect of the sheet is controlled from a master template, so a single change gets incorporated across all the sheets for 36 months and every aspect gets recalculated. Gives you a single point of control

– Based on your inputs exhibits spectacular color charts on various angles and dimensions showing your projections and financial health for current period and upcoming years.

Executive summary for your business ( worth 249 $ ) :

The executive summary is the first part and most important part of the business plan. If it is well written, it will grab the attention of potential lenders and investors . Well Written executive summaries will accomplish the following :

– Describes the business in the most compelling manner

– Helps the reader to identify the stage of the company and strategic direction its proceeding towards

– Describes the product market and company marketing plan

– Provides the background of the company’s management

– Provides the company’s revenue and profit expectations

– Should convince the reader that there is a need for your service or product

Experts who have written executive summaries for 10+ years will coordinate with you and get all required information to finish your executive summary

Marketing plan for your business ( worth 147 $ ) :

Its a no brainier that a marketing plan is an essential part of any business. Let the experts write a preliminary marketing plan for your business.  Plan will include :

– Marketing mission/vision statement

– Market analysis

– Competitive analysis

– Pricing plan for Advertising/Promotion , social media etc.

Elevator pitch and vision / mission statement ( worth 197 $ ):

Whether you are networking your business or looking for a funding, you need to be able to answer the ” What do you do ? ” question. So having a consistent and attention grabbing introduction is very important.  Let the experts work with you to understand your business and to produce an attention grabbing message. You may have an elevator speech already, or not know where to start – this service will you get you exactly what you and your business needs.

The mission statement is the guiding principle for any business. Whether your business is a hobby or a future fortune 500 business, your mission statement will serve as your guide and help bring focus to your company. Professionals will use their vast experience to understand your business and create 4 clear and effective mission statements for you to choose from.

Market research for your business / product ( worth 147 $ ):

You surely need to have a solid understanding of your vertical and the market demand for it. This understanding will help you shape your marketing and approach strategies effectively. Also it is one area investors will like to give an ear to. So let the experts do this market research for you. They will coordinate with you to understand your business / product and do a complete market research for you for one hour and submit the documents.

Go on, grab this deal and get the pro’s writing a business plan for YOU!

Any questions , Shoot a mail to :  [email protected]


Top 3 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to have this Business plan writing deal featured are :

– Business plans are one of the most important and crucial elements in any business. A well written business plan can change the game all together as it gives a logical and futuristic view of the business.

– A lot of users have been mailing us to bring in a high quality Business plan writing service. We decided to couple up 5 services that is required for every business.

– These business plan services will for sure help a lot of entrepreneurs to save a lot of time on these activities and will help them proceed towards victory , which the Gentle Ninja thinks is awesome !


Who will be doing these business plan activities ?

We have roped in 7 experts in fields of business plan writing, finance and marketing. They have around 10+ years of experience. Guaranteed you will be getting a professional and well written business plans and documents to take your business to the next level.

General questions :

Why is writing a business plan such an important aspect in any business ?

A clear cut and well written business plan helps you get a clear picture of where your business is heading. Coupled with income statements, revenue projections etc. it helps you plan your moves with confidence and clarity. People you approach for funding will require you to show your business plan before deciding anything . So writing a business plan has to be given a lot of attention and focus.


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