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Yipit clone script

Incredible turn-key Yipit clone script

This amazing deal aggregator script is all you need to get your daily deal aggregator business up and running in a few hours . Its power packed with essential SEO elements


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Its a no-brainer and everyone knows the whooping success of daily deal sites . Groupon has introduced a new form of eCommerce to the world – and proved that daily deals is a multi billion dollar industry . Since then there has been many ideas that have been created around this fantastic concept of daily deals . One such killer concept is the deal aggregator model .

What will be exactly getting in this deal ?

Yipit script  : Worth 249$

Pre installed in an amazing cloud server ( Free for 1 year ) : Worth 102$  [ Please check all the amazing things you get along with this cloud server here ] [ Note : The cloud server is included only for the first 100 customers ]


Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected]


What is this deal aggregation all about ?

With the success of the daily deals concept , thousands of daily deal sites have emerged all over the web . Now there arouse a need for people to see all the deals in one place ( like how Google is required to search the web – came a need for a site to search all the deals websites in the web ) . was one of the initial services to come up with this idea of deal aggregation – and it was a fly away success .

What is the opportunity available using the deal aggregation concept ?

As the law of nature , one idea keeps branching out to many . After Yipit became the deal aggregator for all the deals site in the world , now there is a requirement for a deal aggregator for every niche ( Food , restaurants , Automobile etc. ) . And since there are thousands of daily deal sites for each vertical – there is a big market for innovative deal aggregators for every niche . And since every daily deal site requires visitors they are more than happy to submit their feeds to deal aggregators .

How is money made is using a deal aggregator site ?

Monetizing a deal aggregator site is a cake walk . The 3 prominent methods used to monetize a deal aggregator are :

– Affiliate : For every sale made in any deal website , a commission is paid to the deal aggregator that sent the visitor .

– Pay per visitor : For every visitor that is referred to the deal website , the referrer ( deal aggregator ) gets paid .

– Advertisements : Deal aggregator sites are known for pulling in lots of traffic ( not to mention the search traffic ) . One big advantage in a deal aggregator site is , it gets content continuously via. the feeds of its daily deal sites . As traffic keeps mounting , displaying Ads becomes another lucrative channel to monetize the site .

Top 5 reasons you should own this amazing Deal aggregator script :

– The script is available for an un-believable 50% discount for the first 100 users !
– This powerful deal aggregator script is packed with all the cutting edge features ( Check the list of features at the last section )
– The script is bundled with all the essential SEO elements to boost your search traffic .
– Comes pre-approved with feeds of some happening daily deals sites ( So get up and running from day one with money making content flowing in )
– The script is delivered to you pre installed inside a powerful CLOUD server ( which is free for 1 full year ) . We have hand picked the best Cloud server that comes with a suite of features inside and it will make sure your site loads lightening fast for all your visitors. You can check out the specifications of this wonderful CLOUD server you will be getting HERE ( Do check it out – its a fantastic setup )

What are features you will be getting with this incredible Yipit clone script ?

– You get all the source code
– Support and updates are including for life .

The script has 2 faces :

User facing area :

– Panel for your users to view the deals.
– Visitors can sort and view the deals by categories , Price , Source and also by Discount .
– Your site visitors can set category preferences .
– An elegant Account settings page is available for each user .
– Comes with Facebook connect , so your site becomes more viral on socially .

Admin area :

– You get a beautiful dashboard to manage the site .
– The system is made to function in Auto pilot mode .
– User friendly options for you to manage your City , Country , all the deal sites you have approved and add new sites .
– Regular expression configuration
– Provisions to manage Users , Category and Deals .
– User friendly options to tune site settings and password settings .
– Comes with options to manage Social settings and FAQ’s
– Provision to add static pages .
– Slots to upload Site map .
– Advertisement management .
– Breadcrumb ( Navigation )
– Module to manage news letters .


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this script as a deal are :

– The script is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also value customer relationship a lot
– A lot customers have been asking to bring in a kick ass Deal aggregator script .
– We ran through a variety of deal aggregator scripts in the market and this seemed the best .
– This is truly a money making script which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


– I understand the script comes pre installed in a cloud server . Can I use the cloud server for other purposes also ?

Yup absolutely . The Cloud server can used for your other multiple domains as well . Check out all the other cool stuff you will be getting along with this server here

– What are the up coming features in this deal aggregator script ?

Based on customer requests , there are some incredible features being added to the script . Some of them are :

– Provision for any new deal site to be included .
– IP based deals display
– Multiple currency support
– Multi-lingual support
– Side deals
– Twitter Connect
– Forums
– Blog
– Multiple variety of comments .
– Support to manage Email Campaigns
– Options to import users
– Mailing list Management
– Provision to add new Affiliate Modules
– Automated management Affiliate inquiries
– Options to view expired deals as well

All updates will be given free of cost to the users .

How will the support be ?

You will be getting hands on support on any issues you face from experts free of cost for the first 6 months .

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