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Start a hip ‘YO’ like mobile app using this turn-key Yo app clone script !

Using this powerful YO clone app script, you can start a niche short messaging app instantly…


Integration Time

Under 40 minutes

Saves You

Over 250 hours of development


Start a simple messaging app using this amazing

Yo app clone script

( Tested for HIGH PERFORMANCE & can withstand any spikes )

Vendor : Proven Logic


What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– An amazing Yo clone app script [ Native Android ]  ( worth $1000 )

– An amazing Yo clone app script [ Native IOS ]  ( worth $1000 )

– $8000 worth FREE goodies from our Sponsors ( Check HERE )

Questions ? Shoot a mail to :  [email protected]







Top 3 reasons to have this Yo app clone script as a deal here are :

– Yo app is a hot trend world wide & is for sure gonna become a Billion $ exit soon ! Many have requested us to come up with a turn-key Yo clone app script – so they can start a Niche YO like simple messaging platform . We found the products from this vendor amazing !

– Like how Twitter, Whatsapp etc. emerged there seems to be a great liking by mobile users for apps that help in simple communication. There is still a lot of space to be filled in this area ( “Yeeha!”, “Shit!”, “Oops!” etc. ) & each has the potential to become a BIG app with many downloads.  Using this turn key Yo clone app script – one can hit the road running.

– The folks behind this powerful Yo clone script app are PRO’s when it comes to programming. And they love customer support a lot !


Where can I see the DEMO of this incredible Yo app clone script?

Yes, its ready ! Please shoot a mail to : [email protected] & we will send you the DEMO.

Whats are the features present in this Yo clone app script ?

This incredible Yo clone app script comes with a set of amazing features. To mention a few :

Viral invites : Any user of this Yo app script can easily invite anyone from their contact list, Whatsapp, mail etc. effortlessly.

– Message broadcast : On a single click, your users can send a simple message like “YO”, “Hai”, “Hey” etc. and get a reply back. As a owner of this sleek Yo app clone script you can easily tune it & set any message of your choice.

– Sound : This amazing Yo clone app script also has features to add a sound to each message sent ( in the same pronunciation as the message ) . The phone will shout out the message, once received.

– Admin panel : Along with this beautiful Yo app clone script, you also get a fantastic Admin panel to manage the app end-to-end.

Please have a look at the SREEN SHOTS ( you can see all the features covered in the screen shots )

Does the Yo app clone have both the Android & IOS version?

Yup, this app comes with both the IOS & Android versions. You also get the server files along with an amazing Admin panel. Once purchased you can instantly start your very own YO app like app.

How is the support for this amazing Yo app clone script ?

The folks developing this Yo clone script app are experts in programming and give great importance to customer support !

How are the updates handled for this Yo clone script app ?

As with all our products, Every customer gets life time FREE upgrades. So you get life time FREE upgrades for this Yo clone script app.

Do you do customization ?

Yes, we do niche customization for interested customers at a very fair rate. Do mail us your requirement to : [email protected]

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