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Your New Identity is here. Simple Business Card by theory desigtalia

Want an elegant business card which is clutter free and looks professional? Simple Business Card is packed with that.



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They say a Business card is simply a reflection of your business. It, sort of communicates to the receiver of your card about how professional you are. A Business card isn’t merely a square paper card, it is a symbol of your Identity. We’ve all faced a situation where we don’t know how our Business card should look like. Fret not, Keeping all these factors in mind the Guys at Theory Desigtalia have designed a Business card exclusively for YOU which is simple, elegant, clutter free and will prove to be an extension of your business. =================================================== Mail us at: [email protected] =================================================== You can use GIMP to edit these files. Change the Color, logo, font according to your company’s color scheme. The Pack includes XCF (GIMP), PSD (Photoshop) image files.  Fonts, and a help file. So start creating your new identity today.  


Reasons why we chose this: * We are open to promoting new talents on Gentle Ninja. Theory Desigtalia is a new and upcoming design company and their products look pretty good and are up to the standards of Gentle Ninja. * Once you start a new business and want to network with others sharing your card would be the most common thing to do. A lot of people were looking for business card designs we thought it would be better if we could provide one, one that would make them look good. * This would be a good start, if you are not sure where to start.


Why should i use a simple business card? Well, it entirely depends on your nature of business. You see this type of card suits a broader category of business ranging from professional services to corporates, for it looks crisp to the point without any fuss. You can start with this if you are confused with so many card designs and you won’t regret. Who made this business card? This business card was made by the Amazing folks at Theory Desigtalia. you can contact them at [email protected] . or [email protected] . We’d be more than happy to forward your mails to them. What software do i use to edit these? You can use GIMP or Photoshop. Files with both these formats are there. Note: When printing your card, colors may vary in-case the printing is done in CMYK color profile.    

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