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Zoom Clone to start a Cloud-based Video Conferencing portal Today.

A stunning Zoom Clone script that lets you start a cloud-based Video Conferencing and Web meetings platform.


Integration Time

3 Hours

Saves You

465 Developer Hours


Start an Incredible Cloud-based Video Conferencing Platform using this


Zoom Clone

Following will be time line of completion of this script. We will be launching the script in 4 different phases and time line:

Important Read: If you purchase the script in one of the below mentioned phases, you will get the all the remaining phases updates FREE. The price of the script keeps increasing as the project steps in the next-next phases. We are planning on launching a new version every 15 days.

Phase 1:

Launch Date: May 16th 2020 ( Launched )

Features ( version 1 ):

* Create Video Conference Room. Invite using unique link

– Your users can create a video conference room by just typing a name for the room Ex: startup-chat. ( Also while creating the name of the room, they will be asked to type in their name also )

– They will get a Unique link to share Ex: . They can provide this link and invite people to join the room.

– Anyone joining the room will get an option to enter their name. The video tile of the user will show the name of the participant. If the person has not provided permission for video -or- has disabled their video, their name will show up.

– Upto 4 people can join for FREE and do video conferencing in each room.

Phase 2:

Launch Date: May 29th 2020 ( Launched )

Zoom Clone

Features ( version 2 ):

All the features available in version 1 of this zoom clone + the following features:

* Group chat

– There will be a group chat option right inside the video conferencing window ( just like you see in Zoom ).

– Participants can live chat there.

– Participants can choose to put a public chat for everyone in the room to see. Or they can choose a particular person in the chat and put a private message. Reply to this message will also be private.

– The Link created for the room can be reopened anytime. And the chats in the room will be saved.

– The owner of a particular chat can delete the chat.

* Room admin rights

– The person who first created the room will be considered the admin of the room.

– The admin will be able to kickout persons in the video conferencing session.

* Auto reassignment of slot

– If a person in the video conference leaves -or- gets kicked out by admin, the slot will become free for another person to join.

Phase 3:

Launch Date: July 20th 2020

Price: $699 ( 100% source code + Documentation )

Features ( version 3 ):

All the features available in version 2 of this zoom clone + the following features:

* Registration/ Login

– Users can register and securely login using the same credentials.

– Users can goto their settings page and upgrade to a paid membership ( Plan A ).

* ‘Plan A’ Paid subscription package with extra members in each chat room

-With a paid membership( Plan A ), the respective rooms will have a ability to add 10 more members. So a total of 14 members can be in the room ( 4 free + 10 )

* Screen Sharing capability for all packages ( Even Free )

* Admin panel

– You will get an Admin panel to control the payments. You can set the price for the ‘Plan A’ subscription package.

– You can view all the registered members and details. You can see the paid members among the registered members.

– By default the subscription will be a month-on-month subscription for your paid subscribers. 

– You as the admin, will have the rights to upgrade anyone as a paid member on clicking a button ( even if he has not renewed the subscription for the month ). Also, you can down-grade an account to a FREE account ( even if the account has paid the subscription fee )

* Auto reassignment of slot

– If a person in the video conference leaves -or- gets kicked out by admin, the slot will become free for another person to join.

Phase 4:

Launch Date: August 10th 2020

Price: $999 ( 100% source code + Documentation )

Features ( version 4 ):

All the features available in version 3 of this zoom clone + the following features:

* Android App

– A sophisticated Native Android App which covers all the features until Version 3.

– This version will be named Android V3

* Registration/ Login

– Users can Goto their settings page and upgrade to a paid membership ( Plan A -or- Plan B ).

– Mobile OTP verification during account creation.

* ‘Plan B’ Paid subscription package with extra members in each chat room

– A new paid subscription package: Plan B. The respective rooms will have a ability to add 20 more members. So a total of 24 members can be in the room ( 4 free + 10 Plan A + 10 )

– Ability for paid users to Upgrade to ‘Plan b’ -or- down grade from ‘Plan B’ to ‘Plan A’ etc.

-Ability to record sessions/ Screen recording.

* Admin panel ( web only )

– You can also set the price for the ‘Plan B’ subscription package.

– More controls on managing Registered Users. Ability to send messages to each user or a group of users.

– More controls on monitoring Live Video conference sessions, duration, Bandwith taken etc. Ability to kill any session on a click of a button.

– Power to monitor and Blacklist IP’s

* Performance tweaking

– More performance tweaking for smoother streaming of video and audio.

– Easy infrastructure deployments like CDN, Streaming servers etc.

– Enhanced Security.

Phase 5:

Launch Date: August 30th 2020

Price: $1499 ( 100% source code + Documentation )

Features ( version 5 ):

All the features available in version 4 of this zoom clone + the following features:

* IOS App

– A sophisticated Native IOS App which covers all the features until Version 3.

– This version will be named IOS V3

* Admin panel ( web only )

– You can also set the price for the ‘Plan B’ subscription package.

– More marketing capabilities from within the Admin panel Ex: News Letters, Mass SMS etc.

– Power to monitor and Blacklist geographic regions, zones etc.

– Inclusion of Google Vision A.I. algorithm to auto monitor Video sessions and report any banned behavior to Admin.

* Performance tweaking

– More performance tweaking for smoother streaming of video and audio.

– Enhanced Security.


Zoom Clone

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The Package Includes

– Web-based Video Conferencing Script

– iOS App for WebMeetings

– Android App for WebMeetings

– Robust Admin Panel

– 100% Source Code and Installation documentation

Have questions about the Zoom Clone Script? [email protected]

Zoom’s Cloud-Based Video conferencing platform has seen a surge in user growth over the past few years. The video conferencing platform has a robust infrastructure and offers near lag-free video streaming.

Based on its success, we’re seeing a significant rise in entrepreneurs looking to start a business using a Zoom Clone Script that is rock solid and performs under heavy traffic spikes.

So we went ahead and built one for you.

How does a Zoom Clone Script work?

Step 1: User logs on the Video conferencing Script platform, chooses to create an account. To host meetings, you’d need one.

Step 2: In his account panel, he can choose to host a meeting. Tap on the Host meeting, enter a few details like name, description and set if it is a private meeting or anyone can attend it.

Step 3: Once created, he can invite other users to the meeting by sharing the link or sharing a meeting id.

Step 4: When a user wants to attend a meeting, they can enter the meeting room through the invite link and based on whether the room is private or not they would be required to login with the email id that the host has whitelisted.

Step 5: Once logged in, they can take part in the meeting and see others participating, share their screen, take notes, use the group chat etc.

Features of this Zoom Clone

We’ve highlighted some of the features of this cloud-based video conferencing script below.


Host Video Meeting: Host a video meeting right from the browser or through the video app.

Attend Meeting: Once invited, Users can attend Video meetings. The host can set how many users can log in to the meeting.

Meeting Room ID: Each meeting room has a unique id that users will have to enter on the platform to attend them. Based on the pricing plan the user chooses they can even customize the Meeting ID.

Private subdomain: Users who have opted for certain plans can create a subdomain under the platform with their brand name etc, of their choice.

Scheduled Meetings: Schedule meetings at a later date so other attendees can plan ahead.

Group Messaging: Zoom Clone Script has a feature-rich group chat for users who are in the meeting room allows them to easily share a link or information related to the meeting.

HD Quality Voice/Video: Meetings and Webinars on the Zoom Clone would be in high quality (Of course it requires you to have the necessary infrastructure to support it)

H264 Format: The Zoom Clone uses H264 encoder for it’s videos to stream in high quality and saved in the cloud-based solution.

Record Meetings: Record meetings seamlessly at a tap of the button, based on the plan the user has chosen, the storage quota will be used to save the video in the cloud. They can even download it later from their account on the Zoom Clone.

Reminders: Users can set reminders before their meeting starts through emails and calendar alerts.

Video Quality Auto-Throttle: Offering a smooth experience, the Zoom Clone Script automatically detects the internet speed and throttles the video so the attendees don’t miss out on anything.

Turn on/Turn off Microphone: Users can turn on and turn off the mic when they don’t need it.

Screen-sharing: Hosting a Webinar or looking to share presentations? No problem, the screen sharing feature allows you to share your screen with the attendees easily.

Host Notifications: The person hosting the meeting can choose to get notified when people join the meeting.

Active Speaker View: In a meeting room, the zoom clone automatically detects who is speaking and focuses on their video grid.

Restrict Access: Restrict user access to meeting rooms allowing only registered, and listed users to attend meetings.

Block Users: Block unwanted users while in the meeting room or block their user id so they can’t attend any meeting that you host.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Quick access key to enable or disable certain functions while attending the meeting

Personal Notes: Each user can take notes while in a meeting, a personal notes app is available at the bottom of the screen along with the call controls.


Branding: Completely white labeled Zoom Clone Script. The administrator can add their branding and name to it from the dashboard.

Admin Dashboard A Powerful dashboard to manage the entire Zoom Clone Script platform easily. The dashboard gives the administrator ability to monitor vital stats of the platform.

Statistics: Statistics such as user signups, usage, average meeting hours, network usage, etc. can be view right from the dashboard.

Plan Maker: The administrator can add, remove and manage multiple plans for users to pick from. Based on these plans, the features can be turned off or on for users.

Payment Methods: Toggle payment methods integrated on the Zoom Clone Script. By default, Stripe will be integrated to collect payments from the users. You can easily add more through customizing the script.

Subdomain creation: The administrator can manually create subdomains on the fly for paid users who have opted for top tier plans.

Dev Ops Dashboard Video conferencing platforms require that all systems are functioning properly and the role of Dev Ops is an essential one to ensure that everything is in order. Dev Ops have a separate panel to monitor all the information related to the functioning of all the microservices, and other worker modules to keep the platform running smoothly.

Why Should you buy this Zoom Clone?

The script is built by developers who have worked with some of the best Video Content Delivery Networks, video streaming platforms and webinar hosting products. They’ve used their experience in building this cloud-based video conferencing script from the ground up.

Building a Video conferencing product isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a solid multi-layered microservices architecture to smoothly stream the videos and the person building it should know how to design a microservice architecture that is spread across different regions avoiding redundancy and utilizes the infrastructure to its optimum level. This cloud-based Video conferencing script incorporates all of that and much more in the background offering a solid video conferencing solution and making the life of your Dev Ops easy.

How do you make money using this Zoom Clone?

At present, there are three revenue channels integrated into the script.

  • When a user subscribes a plan, you will make money and the amount is sent to the Paypal or Stripe account you have chosen.
  • For free plans, you can tie up with brands and get sponsored video ads to play before a meeting starts. This is entirely optional.
  • Prominent Banner Ads on the landing page and the user accounts page is also a good source of revenue.


What is the technology stack used in this Zoom clone?

* Tech Stack:
– Front end: React JS
– Backend: Node JS, Mongo DB
– Streaming backend: Twilio
* Hosting Requirements:
Minimum recommended: AWS T3 small instance ( Ubuntu )
( Runs good on any decent Linux server )

What is a Zoom Clone Script?

The Cloud-based web meetings script lets you host multi-user video meetings easily on the platform. Using this zoom clone, you can start your own business instantly. The namesake is simply used to denote how it functions and has some of the most common features of popular web meeting platforms.

Do I need to invest a lot of money to run this business?

We’ve architect’d this zoom clone script in such a way that the cost of operations would be reduced. Right from selecting the codecs that would take up less bandwidth to scripts that periodically check and turn off resources that are not needed and automatically activate it when needed to save cost.

This zoom clone product is built in such a way that you can use resources across different providers and not get locked in with one hosting provider/ colocation service. While we have implemented all these measures, you also need to understand that Video streaming and conferencing related products take-up significant bandwidth cost and operational costs as the user base grows. You will have to consider and strategize this part in your business model so you break even sooner.

How easy is it to set up and install this Zoom clone script?

This Zoom clone comes with an installation manual that details you to step by step on how to install the script. It should be fairly easy to set up with the help of your developers, as the steps may be known to them already.

Do you offer any customizations to the script?

We do offer customizations to the script to make it truly unique. Please get in touch with our team to have a detailed chat about the feature you are looking to build. Reach out to us at [email protected]

Why we chose to make this Zoom Clone script?

Top 3 reasons to own this amazing product are :

– The product is built by engineers who have worked on cloud-based web meetings and video streaming platforms. They’ve implemented all the best practices in this product.

– The customer support by the team is unparalleled and their staff is customer friendly. They strive for Customer happiness.

– The product is constantly updated with modern technology frameworks that offer the best possible Video conferencing experience for your customers.

Any recommended configuration for high volume concurrent users?

– AWS EC2 Load Balancing needs to be setup
– Reverse proxy and session management using Redif needs to be setup
….from here it will scale on demand.

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